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Beauty and harmony begin with the attitude towards themselves and taking care of yourself. Latvian force of nature, the care, and the ability to subtly masters pamper yourself will allow capturing intangible bliss.

Wise Women in the Middle East, as well as the legendary beauty Cleopatra intuitively rushed for the best and more natural. To do this, they regularly took milk baths, which not only nourishes the skin but given the peace and harmony of the soul.

We also offer a similar experience pleasure, choosing one of the milk baths with we created a natural eco-friendly cosmetics.

• Milk bath for relaxation and a sense of harmony for

   20 min. 48 €

• Milk and honey bath and a sweet sense of leisurely days (perfect for a wedding gift!)  

20 min. 52 €

• Bubble bath with sea salt has a healing and invigorating effect, suitable for both women and men for  

20 min. 42 €

• Milk Bath Golden Dew woman in the style of Cleopatra, which wants to shine for

20 min. 52 €

Also available beer bath – sweet and bitter hops and saturation power of the mesmerizing magic of live beer for confident people who love the taste of adventure.

Beer Baths for 1 person 98 €

20-minute beer bath

30-minute rest in a straw bed

Beer ‘Valmiermuižas”

Beer bath for 2 persons (in one wooden vat) 148 €

20-minute beer bath.

30-minute rest in a straw bed

Beer ‘Valmiermuižas»

20 min. 46 €